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Fading Hope (Chapter Five)

Elmar went through the gap in the rocks, escorted by the two elves closely behind. He ran his hand over the veins of mineral that ran in the smoothened rock wall

‘So, what brings you here? And with such haste too?’ asked Eöl, looking at Elmar curiously.

Elmar stayed silent for a while before answering. ‘My people at the havens were attacked by a group of orcs, a company was sent to take them down but we were outnumbered. More orcs had come from behind and I knew that they would wreak havoc on the docks as they come unannounced upon them, with not enough time for the warriors to get armed.’

‘That’s why I set out for Rivendell, to get reinforcements to attack the orcs from behind as the pillage my home. However, I had an injured friend whose wound developed an infection on the way and I had to leave him behind so that I could come here as quickly as possible. Hence, I urge you to get me to your lord quickly so that I can go back to my friend and my people which I left behind.’

‘How far away is your friend?’, Eöl asked.

‘Almost a day walk away from here. I was loath to leave him behind, but due to the wound on the leg he couldn’t walk. If I had carried him here, it might have been by tomorrow’s evening that I reached the Hidden Valley, too late for reinforcements to arrive back home. So, I made a decision, which felt wise at the time, to leave him behind, make haste for help and then come back as soon as I could. But I feel that I am late anyways and Borlas may even be dead by now.’ worried Elmar.

‘Don’t worry, you made the right decision as the circumstances allowed it. All you can do now is tell lord Elrond about your plight and I will dispatch medics and scouts to look for your friend.’, Eöl comforted Elmar.

‘You won’t be able to find him. I did not follow the main road, for orcs were about, so I left him in a well-hidden spot.’

‘Well in that case we should make haste so that you can find your friend.’

The rest of the trek was spent in silence. After walking for 20 minutes, the rock walls gave way and suddenly the valley showed up in its glory.  Houses built on terraces; water falls as far as the eye could see. A river ran from the heart of the valley to find its course to the sea. Elmar’s ears could pick up a song that was being sung by the minstrels, a soothing hum that eased his mind.

‘It is a sight for sore eyes’, Elmar mumbled.

‘First time in Imladris?’, Eöl asked with a smirk.

‘Yes. All I had heard were the rumor of its beauty and the tales that lord Cirdan told sometimes.’, Elmar answered, his breath taken away.

‘That’s why you couldn’t find the way in’, replied Eöl with a glint in his eyes.


Elmar was taken through the valley to a spacious courtyard, which was supported by 5 large pillars, 4 in each corner, while one substantially thicker in the center.

‘Wait here while I fetch lord Elrond’, said Eöl as he briskly walked away.

Elmar was left alone in the vast hall, as he looked around. There were high shelves on every wall, filled with books about literature and the history of elves, though there were a few about the history of men descended from Elendil.

Elmar sighed as he sat on a sofa into which he sank right in.

‘Too lavish and soft’, he thought as he observed the carvings on the pillars. The carvings showed elves with books or harps in their hands. Elmar was in the middle of observing the carvings and the courtyard when lord Elrond walked in.

He wore a long burgundy robe, that trailed behind him, adorned with gems around the collar. His long, dark, silky hair were neatly combed and flowed behind his pointed ears. A circlet of silver sat on his brow, shaped like many thin branches of silver wood intertwined together. In the middle of the circlet a single white crystal gleamed.

‘Greetings Elmar of Mithlond!’, Elrond greeted, his rich voice jarring Elmar out of his thoughts.

‘Lord Elrond, it is a pleasure to meet you in person. The tales of your might hold true’, Elmar replied, still processing that he was in the presence of the legendary elf himself.

‘I hear you have an urgent matter that cannot wait.’

‘That I do sire.’, Elmar nodded his head.

‘Come then have a seat and tell me about your plight.’, Elrond said, pointing to a settee near a fire. Elmar obliged and sat.

It was a while before Elmar had told the full story to lord Elrond, who immediately gave order for a company of elves to be departed for Mithlond, while a larger reinforcement followed suit. Elmar was asked to stay for a night however he refused, worried about Borlas. However, he did agree to stay for an hour to get cleaned up and eat something before he set out again.


NOTE: This a fanfiction based on Middle Earth created by J.R.R Tolkien who is also the author of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit from where this story takes inspiration from.

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