An effort made for the happiness of others lifts us above ourselves.

About Us

Muaawin means “helper”. In Pakistan, Muaawin is a renowned society founded in 2018 to help the needy community for betterment. Muaawin aims to provide a helping hand to make a someone’s dream come true i.e; the mission statement of Muaawin. Muaawin has successfully spread its wings in different universities and organizations across the nation.

It today owns 600+ devoted volunteers and 3 strengthened domains namely:

  1. Muaawin-e-ilm
  2. Muaawin-e-Sehat
  3. Muaawin-e-Ujala

The number continues to increase effectively

Featured Causes

Muaawin Kids

Providing Assistance in Education

Every child has the right to learn. The talent and skills of the students should not be wasted because of the financial crisis and poverty.

Muaawin Health Camp

Providing Assistance in Health

Everyone has the right to a standard of living adequate for the health. Those who can’t afford should not be deprived of medical facilities.

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Our Domains

1. Muaawin-e-Ilm

Considering all the matters in limelight being Muslims we started an initiative of making this world a better place to live in by the name of Muaawin-e-ilm who emphasized education to be compulsory for every student regardless of their family status and kick-started by working day and night to make this initiative successful and by the grace of God we touched the heights of skies in Islamabad and now we intend to spread these facilities to every corner of Pakistan. We believe that education is the foundation for a better future and that hope and equal opportunities should be given to all children. Muaawin-e-Ilm wants to give these young people a chance to grow, learn, and create lasting opportunities for change not only in small villages, but also for their country.

Muaawin Health Camp

2. Muaawin-e-Sehat

Muaawin-e-Sehat is an off-shoot of the parent organization Muaawin. Our original mission continues to help the general populous of Pakistan in their journey of progress, development, and growth as an educated, healthy, and thriving nation of the world. To give a ray of hope to people who are at the mercy of their harsh living conditions. Education was one sector but health is just as important if you want to build the human resource of any country. Hence, Muaawin-e-Sehat was made by our executives to help the people in need of medical assistance.

3. Muaawin-e-Ujala

Muaawin-e-Ujala strives to bring a ray of hope to desperate souls. Ujala works in bringing light, positivity and stability. This country belongs to us and we belong to it. Therefore, our loyal volunteers work under this prestigious Domain to create a progressive state of mind and insure a healthy atmosphere for our youth to bring the best out of themselves.

The tree of Ujala expands its branches to four strengthened disciples which are as follows:

    • Career counseling Domain
    • Depression and Drugs Control Domain
    • Grooming and self-confidence Domain
    • Women Empowerment and family conflict Domain


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