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Medical Camp By Lahore Team

Muaawin Lahore chapter in collaboration with Muhammad Saeed trust organized a medical camp at Chak no 452 GB rehmay shah.

More than 150 skin patients were served with free checkups by dermatologist professionals and free medicines. More than 200 hundred patients are served by general physicians and nutritionists with free medicines and diet plans.

The Plantation Drive by D.I. Khan Team

The Plantation Drive was carried out on October 18 2021, with the Mutual Understanding of two Well known Organisations of D.I.Khan i.e Muaawin & Damaan Organisation and it went Great. 150+ plants were planted in different areas of D.I.Khan. The Major Areas which Were Covered in the Drive were as follows:
1. Wensam College
2. Green belts Near Bab-e-Dera
3. Kotli Imam Qabristan
4. EidGah Qabristan
5. Islamia Qabristan

Female Volunteers also did plantation in various Schools, which Includes, The Ink School & The Future School. In the end, we are thankful to the Sponsors (Forest Department and Damaan TV, and Ink School) for their Support. And all the Volunteers, who participated in the Drive to make it worth it.

mental health awareness Session

Your mental health — your psychological, emotional and social well-being — impacts every area of your life. Having positive mental health allows you to effectively deal with the daily stressors of life and live life to its fullest.

Muaawin’s Team RMU arranged a session on mental health awareness at New teaching block RMU, Holy family hospital Rawalpindi on October 14th, 2021. Alhumdulillah it was of great success. Everyone over there appreciated this effort!

Plantation Drive by Muaawin PIEAS Chapter

Muaawin PIEAS chapter arranged a plantation drive in Model School for Girls Islamabad f7/1 in collaboration with NZWT orphanage on September 10, 2021. Our volunteers and Children from NZWT planted trees and carried out several fun activities there. A Session was also conducted on the importance of trees and methods to plant a tree.

Blood Donation Camp by Sehat/Islamabad Team

Muaawin e Sehat and Islamabad Team arranged a blood donation camp in Islamabad on 9th September 2021. FYI The patients with Thalassemia can not produce Red Blood Cells in their body and they require frequent repeated Blood Transfusions every 15 to 20 days till the end of their life.


Plantation Camp at Liberty Lahore

Muaawin along with the Ministry of Climate Change, PHA, and AWT organized a plantation camp at Liberty Lahore. 104+ youth societies collaborated for the noble cause to show solidarity. Free plants were distributed among these societies.

Plantation Drive on Independence Day

Muaawin Lahore Region has organized a plantation drive on Independence Day at Ideal Park, Lahore on 14th August. Planting trees would be an ode and expression of one’s patriotism towards the country. Fascinating flags and badges are important but not more than the dire need of planting trees to make the environment clean. Hats off to the whole team.

Visit to Pakistan Sweet Home Orphanage

RMU team visited Pakistan sweet home orphanage on 14th August 2021. They spent time with cute little angels, played games, arranged quiz and drawing competitions, distributed gifts among them (Food items are also distributed), and celebrated independence day with them. Hats off to the whole RMU TEAM for making this project successful.

IM Sciences Team Project

IMSciences Muawin team collaborated with YPDC and Ranaa foundation to organize an event for 120 street children. It included Birthday Celebration of 6 kids, pizzas from Peshawar’s most hit brand, chief grill and other activities. The goal was to make them feel an equally integral part of the society as other kids from privileged family and make one day of theirs’ special. They all study part-time in Ranaa foundations school and also do other humble chores to support their family financially.

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Blood Camp

IM Sciences Muawin Team in collaboration with Shoukat Khanam Memorial Hospital and YPDC arranged a blood Camp on 9th July, 2021. The blood drive went beyond our expectations and we were able to mobilize 45-50 people in merely 18 hours notice. The aim was to donate blood for the Thalassemia patients who are in need for it and Alhamdullilah we succeeded in this little effort which we put for the sake of humanity. Hats off to whole IM Sciences team for their efforts!

Khyber Kor Project

KMC/KCD Team visited an orphanage named Khyber Kor in Lalazar Colony on 2nd July, 2021. They had bought them some toy gifts, and school bags and stationary. New uniforms were also bought for them and were gifted to them by hand. Beautiful cakes were brought to the orphanage so that the children could cut and enjoy them along with juices. Musical chair was played. The children enjoyed very much. Other general activities were performed too. The children were first shy, but gradually they opened themselves to the volunteers and had a lot of fun.

Annual Appreciation Ceremony

Muaawin Lahore Region held an Annual Appreciation Ceremony yesterday on 26th June, 2021 at Food Yard PIA road Johar Town Lahore for it’s executives, volunteers, and other people who worked with us for the betterment of society. Sanan Akbar Coordinator of Union of Islamic NGOs of South Asia also joined us in this ceremony, shared his thoughts and acknowledged the working of Muaawin Lahore Team. At the end Refreshment was served among participants.

Free and Feed the Birds

Muaawin Islamabad team planned to help free the caged birds by releasing them in their natural habitat, in a area close to Faisal mosque. There were two main purposes of Free & Feed the Birds listed as:
1) Isn’t isolation a Curse? Didn’t you frustrate during this period of pandemic. Imagine about those creatures who never experienced freedom and are caged for ages. Let them experience freedom, let them be free.
2) In this scorching heat man is drenched in sweat from head to toe and needs water in order to keep him hydrated. What about birds? Don’t they need water and food to be alive?

We would like to congratulate the whole Islamabad Team. Hats off to you guys. Always stay this much determined!

Plantation Drive on World Environmental Day

Muaawin Lahore Region along with Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan, UMT Scouts Club, عہد سلطان فاونڈیشن, Aihad e Nou and Idyllic Youth has organised plantation drive on the instance of World Environmental Day at Khiyaban e Jinnah road Lahore. World Environment Day is a once-a-year activity, however, it doesn’t mean that we should pay attention to the environment on that one day only. With your assistance, we would run this drive in more versatile and continuous manner.

Cleanliness Drive 2

Muaawin Islamabad Team has arranged “Cleanliness Drive 2” on Saturday, 5th of June 2021 in accordance with World Environmental Day on Margalla Trail 5. We would like to appreciate the efforts of whole Islamabad team on successful completion of this cleanliness drive and want to say thank you to those Volunteers who were a part of this drive.

Education Project at Child Protection Centre

Imdaad-e-Ramzan Project by GMC Team

Muaawin’s GMC Team collected some funds and distributed them among Ten needy families as Eidi so they can celebrate their Eid. Parents can buy new clothes for their children. And fullfil their wishes. Following is the link to the video. Do check it out.

Ramadan Ration Drive by Lahore Team

Muaawin’s Lahore Region completed second Ramadan Ration Drive on May 05, 2021. 10 deserving families were facilitated with this 2nd drive. Total Expenses of this drive were Rs 24500/-. Lahore Region raised 15,500 while 9000 were contributed by Allah Waly Trust. We are thankful to all the volunteers and Allah Waly Trust for their efforts and Contribution.

Food Drive by Islamabad Team

In accordance with Labour’s day Muaawin ISLAMABAD team conducted a food drive on 1st May,2021. This drive is completed successfully. 120+ food packs are distributed among people of Slum Area I-10/3. We would like to appreciate the efforts of whole team.

Ration Drive by Islamabad Team

Muaawin’s Islamabad Team completed another ration drive. We started with registration, inquiry and later payment to 30 families was completed. A total of 18 volunteers registered 30 families out of which 17 volunteers were handed over with their respective amount. One of the volunteer couldn’t hand over the ration to the registered family so the family will be provided ration through some other means. Congratulations to Islamabad team for completing this major objective.

Ration Drive by Lahore Team

Another ration drive project done by Muaawin’s Lahore Team on April 24, 2021. Total amount raised for this project is Rs 30,410/-. After proper inquiry, Ration is distributed to the 12 deserving families. Hats off to whole Lahore team for their dedication.

Ration Drive by IM Sciences Peshawar Team

IMS Muaawin Team planned ration drive on April 23, 2021. They decided to provide a month Ramadan ration to 15 underprivileged families, which requires a budget of Rs 40, 000 each ration bag cost Rs 2800. Alhamdullilah with the help of our donors we have distributed ration in 15 families. We would like to congratulate the whole team for their endless efforts. Always stay this much determined.

Ration Drive by Ujala Team

Project Ujala found many faces around us, those having no resources to absorb fast in the month of Ramzan properly. So, with this aim we had produced a ration drive along with our main objectives of Ujala. Its mean that we gave them ration as well as awareness drive.

✓ We had aware all the families along with Ration.
✓ We boasted them up to live life, to fill their gap in society.
✓ We introduce them a way to get earning and to stable their self in their environment.


We all done to meet our following objectives;
• Ujala Team provide Ramzan ration and accessories to the
needy people in far flanged areas.
• We select our Ujala volunteers and assign them some poor’s
living places to visit and by hand provide them these rations.

Budget Planer:
We open a donation call and collect the donation of 20,000 Rs, just in 3 days.

Pakistan Thalassemia Welfare Society

Muaawin’s RMU team had visited Pakistan Thalassemia Welfare Society on April 10, 2021. Team members donated blood. They spent a good time with children admitted there and distributed some stationary items and gifts among them. We are highly thankful to our volunteers joining us there. They proved that heroes are not to be only on screen. They are everywhere doing any welfare work around.

6th Medical Camp

6th Medical and Nutrition Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Little Angel Welfare Association (LAWA) organized it’s 6th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at Al Sahar Medical & Physiotherapy Centre Shahdrah, Lahore on 21st March, 2021. General Physicians, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians joined us and served their services in this Camp. Several patients have been facilitated by free consultancy, free medicines, free diet plans, free hepatitis B & C tests, blood sugar, Cholesterol and Uric Acid tests.

Cleanliness Drive

Cleanliness Drive

Muaawin’s Islamabad Team conducted a cleanliness drive at Kinara Park, Banigala on 17th March, 2021. The main aim of this drive is to create awareness regarding cleanliness. We would like to appreciate the efforts of whole team for their endless efforts and dedication.

5th Medical Camp

5th Medical and Nutrition Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Little Angel Welfare Association (LAWA) organised it’s 5th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at township Lahore on 2nd March, 2021. General Physicians, Gynaecologist, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians joined us and served services in this Camp. Several patients have been facilitated by free consultancy, free medicines, free masks and sensitisers, free hypatitis tests HbsAg HCV, BSR, HB tests and much more.

Allah Waly Trust Dasterkhawan Project

Muaawin Lahore Region has organized another community services project at Allah Waly Trust Dasterkhawan Lahore on February 26, 2021. Team Muaawin has served the lunch among more then 300 people at AWT DasterKhawan. After that team had interactive meet-up with the National Director of ALLAH waaly trust. Both Muaawin and AWT will sign MOU for collaboration in different educational and medical projects. AWT acknowledged the Services of Muaawin for the betterment of society and humanity. National Director of AWT has presented the Souvenir to Head Muaawin Lahore.

4th Medical and Nutrition Camp

4th Medical and Nutrition Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al Anahad Foundation organized it’s 4th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at 23 Check Sharqpur Shareef. General Physicians, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists, Lab Technicians joined us and offered services in this Camp. Almost 300 patients were checked and provided free consultancy, free medicines, free masks and sensitizers, free hepatitis tests HbsAg HCV, BSR, HB tests and much more. Thanks to all our sponsors and partners especially SKZ, Edhi, Rao pharmacy, Al-Shafi town and our donors. 

NZWT Project

Muaawin volunteers from Islamabad Region visited Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust on January 10, 2021. They spent some quality time with the kids there and distributed Geyser, Cylinder and some food items in Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust. Muaawin would like to appreciate the efforts of the volunteers and wish that they always stay this much determined.


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Breast Cancer Awareness Session

Muaawin-e-Sehat (RMU Team) had a session in their university about Breast cancer awareness. Event went good Alhamdullilah and appreciation was given to the team at VICE CHANCELLOR RMU (Prof. Dr Muhammad Umar) level. This session had such a powerful impact on RMU VC that he directed orders to make a proper program about cancer awareness.

Muaawin Health Camp

1st Medical and Nutrition Camp

1-day nutrition camp was organized by Muaawin-e-Sehat at Al-Mustafa Centre near Charar Pind, Lahore. Dr. Ayesha, a well-known nutritionist from Lahore along with her 12 interns collaborated with Muaawin-e-Sehat. The camp was held on Saturday, 27th July 2019. The main aim of the camp was to provide free nutrition counseling along with vitals. Furthermore, as our target was the poor deserving people, we distributed free nutrition boxes among them.

Muaawin Health Camp

2nd Medical and Nutrition Camp

One day nutrition camp was organized by Muaawin under its domain Muaawin-e-Sehat at Mochi Gate, Lahore. The camp was held on Sunday, 25th August 2019. The main aim of the camp was to provide free nutrition counseling and guidelines related to physiotherapy. Lahore Development Authority cooperated with us in this camp too. The main theme of the camp was “Sehat sab ke liye”.

Muaawin Health Camp

3rd Free Medical Camp

Muaawin-e-Sehat Lahore Team successfully organized its 3rd Free medical camp with the collaboration of Life Hospital at Arif Shaheed Market, Lahore. The camp was held on Sunday, 1st March 2020. Alhamdulillah, 800+ patients were treated and were given different sorts of free medicines. This time, there was also an arrangement of Free Medical Tests.


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