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Annual Fest And Books Distribution

Muaawin Islamabad Team successfully completed their project at Noreen Zindagi Orphanage Home on Saturday 4th March 2023, which included:

▪Naat & Speech Competitions
▪Paintings and Sketching
▪Distribution of books and prizes

It is really a big achievement and success for them and for all Muaawins. It is never possible without our dedicated donors and our motivated volunteers.

Appreciation Ceremony by Muaawin DI Khan Chapter

Some glimpse of APPRECIATION CEREMONY which was organized by Muaawin DI Khan chapter as a mark of appreciation for talented students:

  • Junaid Aziz
  • M. Israr

The former has got admission in GMC this year and later is studying in a well known school in D. I. Khan under the provision of Muaawin Scholarship Program.

Almost all colleges participated in this ceremony.

Media coverage given by Daman News


Muslim Colony Renovation Project

The Muaawin team did Muslim colony renovation project. The project was conducted successfully in which a lot of recreational activities were executed for the students, like games, interaction with students, and the inauguration of the constructed room.


On October 2nd ,2022 our team from PIEAS University visited NOREEN ZINDAGI WELFARE TRUST and distributed clothes among the children.

The team got indulged with the children by engaging them in various healthy and enjoyable activities. Everyone had their best time together.

Durr-e-Yateem Orphanage

Team Islamabad visited Durr-e-Yateem Orphanage. They spent precious time with little angels. Islamabad team also raised 20k for their fee. They perfectly executed this project.

Eidi For Little Princesses

Muaawin Islamabad Team did a recent project ” Eidi For Little Princesses ” at Dur E Yateem Orphanage Home on 25th April, 2022.

The team along with some volunteers arranged this project to spread happiness. They have distributed Eidi among these little girls and spent some quality time with these Princesses.

Project Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust

Members of Muaawin visited Nooreen Zindagi Welfare Trust Orphanage on 18th March 2022. They got a chance to spread smiles on the faces of orphan children. 

Career Counselling Session

Muaawin DI Khan Team arranged a Career Counselling Session on 19th March 2022 in Dare Arqam College, DI Khan.

A brief introduction of Muaawin and the SAC Program was done at the start. After that, the guest speaker gave a speech about the topic and shared his experience, and gave some advice on the thoughts, feelings, and concerns about the career and education of the students.

Support to Dar e Arqam Students

Muaawin DIKhan Region Team solved a case that was opened a few days ago in DIKhan Region. The case was of two students of Dare Arqam school. They were provided with uniforms and courses (books) by Muaawin.

Talent Scholarship Ceremony

Muaawin D.I.KHAN Team in Collaboration with GDC WELFARE SOCIETY organized a Ceremony on 1st March-2022 in GDC No.1 DIKhan for the Students, who were selected for the Talent Scholarship against their BS 4-Years program.

In the Ceremony, Certificates were distributed between the Top 8 positions holders, these top 8 will be given Full Scholarships in their BS 4-Years program, among these 8 students 3 will be supported by Muaawin.
Motivational speeches were given to motivate these students for Further Good Results


GMC Muaawin team recently did a project named ‘winter drive’ and as always certificates were distributed among the executives and volunteers who participated, Event took place on 22nd of Feb 2022.
In start, introduction of Muaawin was given by Minhal Zahid in which she presented Muaawin before the audience in very well manner.
Certificates were given to volunteers by chief guest Dr.Nargis Nauman and Head of the team Sumraiz Raza and Sana Shakeel.

A Visit To Slums School

MUAAWIN ISLAMABD TEAM did a recent project ” A visit to slums school”.
The team along with 15 volunteers visited an slums school in H-10 Sector, Islamabad on 14th of February and distributed some stationary items to engage the students with studies. The team also did some activities with those students to encourage them.

Alkhidmat Youth Gathering 2021

Muaawin Lahore Region has had collaborated with Al khidmat Foundation Pakistan at Alkhidmat Youth Gathering 2021″

 Alkhidmat Foundation Pakistan organized 6th Youth Gathering with the theme of ” برگ و بر ” at Aiwan-e-Iqbal, Lahore on December 18, 2021.

It was a one-day event and more than 1300 youth participants from different educational institutes and cities has attended this conference.

The event covered a mixture of Youth Leadership, Intellectual Talks, Motivational Sessions, Panel discussions, Socialization, Naimatullah Khan Awards, Appreciation ceremonies, Youth Entrepreneurship, and much more.

Head Muaawin Lahore was presented with Acknowledgement Award.

SCIENCE EXPO in Collaboration with Islamic University

Science Expo arranged by the collaboration of Muaawin and
International Islamic University Islamabad.


  • Awareness about the importance of ethics and Islamic teachings in modern science innovations.
  •  Appreciation for Muaawin Volunteers from international islamic university .
  • Practical demonstration of violations of ethics in historical events

Talent Scholarship Test by Muawin D.I.Khan Region Team

GDC Welfare Society in collaboration with Muaawin successfully conducted a Talent Scholarship Test on 23rd November-2021 at GOVT DEGREE COLLEGE NO.1 DIKhan for the deserving and talented students of GDC No.1.
8 deserving and talented students will be given the scholarship. They will be supported throughout 4 years of their BS.

PIEAS Team visited Street Children School

Muaawin Volunteers visited a Street Children School at Ibrahim Children Public Park, Rawal town, Islamabad on October 18, 2021 where they conducted some fun activities with the children and distributed gift bags among them.

Books Project by RMU Team

RMU team has done “Books Project”. They distributed books among students of all years,(1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th) according to their departments and programs.

Until we invent telepathy, books are the best choice for understanding the rest of humanity.
Books make great gifts because they have whole worlds inside them.

We are very thankful to all students who gave their books for this project. Special thanks to RMU team.

Awareness Session on Child Abuse

Muaawin Lahore Region in collaboration with Muhammad Saeed Welfare trust had organized an Awareness Session on Child Abuse at Future school Green Town Lahore. The aim of this session was to inform about the prevention of child abuse and neglect. It is necessary to develop preventive programs and to develop and enforce legal ramifications. At the end of the session, we conducted different interactive activities, distribute stationery and refreshment.

IM Sciences Team Summer Camp Project

Muaawin IM Sciences team with their business partner books and Chai organized a summer camp to help provide practical experiences to the kids who have been taking online classes in such a juvenile age. This has also enabled them to generate their first employment, as the programme is being spearheaded by one of their esteemed members.

Guidance Session for the NMDCAT Aspirants

KMC/KCD Muaawin Team organized a motivational and guidance session for the NMDCAT Aspirants of 2021 on 29th august in Khan Academy, Peshawar. Many students attended the session. Our team members guided them and helped them with time management and stress management. Told them Do’s and don’ts before the paper. The team members told their own past experiences and their struggle to get into medical college.

Child Protection Center Project

Every child deserves to grow up healthy, strong, innocent, and free from the fear of physical and emotional abuse. The fact is when we invest in healthy child development, we are ultimately investing in community development. Prevention begins with Awareness. So Muaawin Lahore team organized an awareness session in the Child protection Center on 17th August 2021. Purpose of this session was to teach them to use their Voice to allow them to prevent abuse in their own life. At last end the session with different interactive activities and refreshments. Hats off to the whole team. 

Ranaa children Welfare Organization Project

On the invitation of Ranaa children welfare organization (an organization working for the education of street children, they convinced different children from streets to study in their place they have arranged for them, moreover they provide them with seasonal clothes as well as some basic facilities), IM Sciences Muaawin Team on 15th July, 2021 participated in their graduation ceremony arranged for the street children that they are teaching. Muaawin donated them Stationary worth of Rs 7k.

Visit to Sabah Homes

The Muaawin volunteers from PIEAS successfully carried out this project: Visit to Sabah homes on 10th July, 2021. They carried out fun activities along with teaching the kids regarding the stray animals and how to care for them, especially during summers when these animals wander around in search of mere few drops of water. Volunteers also submitted eid gifts for the children. Here are some captured moments of the activity.

Voice for Palestine (APOC)

Muaawin has joined its hands together with 100 other organizations of Pakistan in the struggle for the freedom and betterment of Palestine. The Voice for Palestine All Pakistan Organizational Coalition had its first conference on Saturday 22nd May. Rana Ali (Muaawin’s Head Lahore Team) hosted and managed the session. Atiqa Rehman (Head Management Ujaala) moderated the virtual session. Saad Hassan (Muaawin’s Vice President) represented Muaawin by presenting the narrative and the strategy adopted.


Award Ceremony

Muaawin D.I. Khan region conducted a finest Award Ceremony for the students who achieved Scholarship in Mock Test conducted on 28 February 2021. And also distributed certificates among test management team. Sohail Rajput was our Chief guest who has distributed appreciation certificates among the test management team and the students who qualified in the test. A brief introduction of Muaawin was given by Regional Head Ameer Hamza. Mr Daud Munir , Head of Project Ujala also gave introduction of his project.


Maaawin collaborated with EHSAAS-E-ZIMEDAARI for NOOR ZINDAGI WELFARE TRUST PROJECT, held on 6th March 2021. Students were educated about cleanliness and the impacts of human activities on the environment. Later, a fun activity was conducted with the students to enhance their creativity and make them learn about recycling in an engaging way. Muaawin also provided them the budget for their daily curriculum books, previously raised by Muaawin Volunteers. Volunteers majorly from 20’24 and 19’23 batch participated enthusiastically in the project, and we thank them for their efforts and time.

World Education Day

World Education Day

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan organized another wonderful Project on the instance of World Education Day at Child Protection Centre Sabzazaar Lahore on January 25, 2021. Volunteers engaged the students with different learning activities and highlighted the importance of Education. Interactive session on character building was organized by the team.  Moreover, cake cutting ceremony, question answers session, and different games were also conducted by the volunteers. Stationary and Note books were distributed among the kids.


Project Happiness

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al-Anahad Foundation organized another Educational and Medical Project Project Happiness at Altaf Mehmood Orphanage, Johar Town on December 22, 2020. Different physical and mental training activities were arranged for the kids. Physiotherapists and dietician joined us to check the health status of kids. Stationary and Nutrition boxes (fresh and dry fruits) were also distributed among the kids. Leadership talk was arranged for the volunteers which was given by Rana Ali Sultan. Certificates were also provided among all the volunteers of both organizations and management of orphanage.

Visit to an Orphanage

Muaawin’s Lahore Team organized one day activity at an Orphanage located in Johar Town Lahore on December 17, 2020. Volunteers of Muaawin had focused on the Character building, Self-Esteem of the students and encouraged them in different activities. Moreover, Volunteers of Muaawin’s Lahore Team under the supervision of Rana Ali Sultan had an meet-up with the Supervisor and Chief Executive of the Orphanage.

Aghosh Al Khidmat Foundation Project

Muaawin’s D.I. Khan Team visited Aghosh Al Khidmat Foundation on November 30, 2020. The children were briefed about Muaawin e Ilm and its goals on a projector. The children were promoted to participate in Naat Khuaani and Tilawat. A cake with Muaawin’s logo on it was cut too . The ceremony was followed by games and other recreational activities. The project was extremely well managed and DI khan team deserves all the credit for it. Prizes were distributed among the children too. Females from D.I. KHAN participated for the first time and they did an amazing job.

Education Project at Child Protection Centre

Education Project at Child Protection Centre

Muaawin’s Lahore Team organized another Education Project at Child Protection Centre Lahore on November 20, 2020. Team Muaawin focused on the character building, Self Esteem, Ethics of the Students and encouraged them in different games and competitions (Tilawat, Naat, Poems, GK and Maths questions).. All the students have awarded with prizes and gifts. Moreover Team Muaawin have also distributed stationary (Notebooks, Pencils, Sharpener, Raiser and Geometries) among the Students of Child Protection Centre Green Town Lahore. 

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Donation Collected

Stephen Orphanage Project

Stephen Orphanage Project

Since the start of the COVID-19 crisis, this was the first major project organized by a Muaawin Team. A few members of the Islamabad Team volunteered to visit the Stephen Relief Orphanage Home located in Iqbal Town, Rawalpindi. A donation call was made for this project and Rs. 20000/- were collected within a few hours. All of the money was spent on the purchase of things for the orphanage. The chief guest attending this event was Dr. Fatima Afsar, a psychology lecturer at NUML, Islamabad. The volunteers were mainly tasked to interact with the children.

Muaawin Project

Muslim Colony Renovation Project

The project was initiated on November 30, 2019 with the inauguration ceremony. Work on the project continued till November 30th. During this event, a classroom that was initially in a very poor state was completely renovated. Completion of the project was celebrated by a closing ceremony. Various constructive activities were conducted. Gift hampers and stationery were distributed among the students. The project was funded in its entirety by funds gathered by Muaawin volunteers through donations. All arrangements regarding the renovation and closing event were done by a team of volunteers.

Misali Model High School Project

Misali Model High School Project

Muaawin-e-Ilm Gujrat conducted its first project in the district Gujrat. Misali Model Secondary School is a private school where the number of students is 50. Though it is a private school yet the students here do not enjoy the luxuries like other private school students do. The total number of classrooms in the school is 5. And the school could not afford to have many facilities. The core purpose of our project was to provide the underprivileged students of the school, with the necessary things. Like school bags, uniforms, and shoes, etc.

NWZT Project

NWZT Project

The project was officially initiated by Muaawin–e–Ilm PIEAS Team on February 16, 2020. The main objective of this project was to provide Text – Books to the Orphans of Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust Orphanage. For this project, Muaawin–e–Ilm PIEAS Team was divided into two sub-teams. And each sub-team was further divided into eight teams. This brilliant step was taken to ensure the maximum participation of volunteers in the project. So this project was planned to be completed in two phases. The first phase was conducted on February 29, 2020. While the second phase was conducted on March 7, 2020.

Madrassa Project

Madrassa Project

After doing its two successful projects, the Gujrat team decided to help Madrassa students this time. Because they are part of our society and they too have a right to enjoy all the facilities. Madrassa Haji Rehmat Ali Sarkar is situated at Chiryawala in Gujrat. The project was held on Nov 23rd, 2019 at Madrassa Haji Rehmat Ali Sarkar. Gujrat team members visited the place and gathered information about needy students. We decided to provide uniforms, stationery, and sweaters to 17 students and socks and stationery to 40 students.

Charar Pind Project

Charar Pind Project

Charar Pind, near Cantt Lahore. It is a backward area amidst all the modern and established infrastructure with narrow and labyrinthine streets. The school was established in 1960. And it is run by the donation of Ma’am Samra and her community. The students are mostly orphans and children of minimum wage workers like laborers. They all are unable to pay any fees. On 6th July 2019, we distributed gifts, stationery, uniforms, and books among the students. Different constructive activities were performed too.

Aashiyana School Project

Aashiyana School Project

After successfully doing its three projects, the Gujrat team decided to help the special children of Aashiyana Special Children School Lalamusa. This institute is basically for the physically and mentally disabled students. Gujrat Team decided to execute the project on February 5th, 2020 on Saturday. Wheelchair, gymnastic therapy balls, CP balls, stretcher, walking track, and CP. And some other types of equipment were distributed among the children.


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