The more that you read, the more things you will know.


Decision Making Part 2

Fading Hope (Chapter Six)

Happiness and Well-being

Dengue: Don’t You, Forget About Me!

Harassment and Ways to Deal with it

Eid ul Adha and a Balanced Diet

Meme Culture – Being viral and intimidated

Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated

Education Is Essential to Advancement and Development

Healthy Foods You Can Eat Before And After Vaccination

Fading Hope (Chapter Five)

What should be the US policy regarding the Middle East?

Generation Z – No Limits to What We Can Achieve

Develop Leadership in 2021 : Abraham Lincoln

Nutritional Requirements Of Adults

Covid-19 and Terrorism

Fading Hope (Chapter Four)

Foods to Boost your Brainpower

Effect of Portion Size on Weight Management

Laughter: A Distraction and a Medicine

Develop Leadership in 2021: Nelson Mandela

Dietary Guidelines for infants 6-12 Months

Fading Hope (Chapter Three)

Generation Gap brought to you by technological globalization

Can Multinational companies create social inequality?

What I do when I feel like Giving Up

The Problem of Time Management

Eating the Rainbow – Challenge Yourself to Try Fruits and Vegetables of Different Colors.

EXERCISE: For a Healthy living, try a little more

Develop Leadership in 2021: Jack Ma

Fading Hope (Chapter Two)

Staying Fit while working from Home: A Smarter Approach


Benazir Bhutto

What to eat in COVID-19 pandemic?

We are missing out on the world if we are missing out on our parents

Rethinking Screen Time in Covid-19

Women Empowerment

Fading Hope (Chapter One)

Unmasking the Masks

Importance of Nutrition in our Daily Life

Hypertension “A Silent Killer”

FEED THE NEEDY (Muaawin Hult Prize collaboration)

Conquering Fears

You Are What You Eat

Step Forward in This Pandemic to Help Thalassemia Patients

The conflict between IHL and IHRL in the context of Child Laboring.

Fear of Failure

Sustainable Economic Growth in Pakistan