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FEED THE NEEDY (Muaawin Hult Prize collaboration)

The lockdown has affected all of us but the group that it affected the most was the daily wage workers. They had been going through a lot of difficult times during the covid-19 times. COVID-19 is widely viewed as a temporary shock to economic growth. What we had observed is that an unequal distribution of resources exist. A lot of wealth has been accumulated by the elites and the rest of the humanity has been lead astray to different causes.

Hult prize challenge is called “food for good” which includes strengthening communities, increasing incomes, feeding the hungry and creating jobs. In order to appreciate and give a contribution, muaawin collaborated with hult prize to distribute ration packages among 40 families so that they can go through a month easily. I would also like to mention that it had been arranged in merely 10 days. We knew that it would be hard to organise an entire drive in just 10 days and were dreading the money collection aspect but people surprised us with the openness
of their hearts. What actually gave us a tough time was locating families that needed help. We managed to deliver to the deserving families in the end.

However, I realised that Each citizen should be given a smart chip-based CNIC; commonly called smart card in Pakistan. What a smart card can deliver is limitless: it can be an all-in-one documentation, identification, authentication, payment, and delivery tool. Income profiling coupled with smart cards will eliminate the need of the 8171 helpline. You don’t need cash disbursals; chip-based smart cards can act as debit or even credit cards.

Smart cards can make targeted subsidies a real possibility in an eternally developing country of 220 million people. Smart cards can be enabled just like debit or credit cards for shopping and availing pre-approved targeted subsidies or free rations at all utility stores and designated private outlets nation-wide.
Effective implementation of the above steps can be really effective in distribution of the food
resources. All institutions are in place, we just need to get them to work.

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