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Happiness and Well-being

What is happiness?

Happiness is an emotional state defined as having a feeling of contentment, satisfaction, internal peace, and immense joy. This is the basic definition of happiness. But its definition varies from person to person. Every person has his definition according to his interests and nature.

What is wellbeing?

Wellbeing is defined as the mental state where you are comfortable, contented, happy, and satisfied with your life.

Interrelated Terms:

From the definition of happiness and wellbeing, it is visible that both of these terms are interrelated. Happiness is mandatory for the good mental health and well-being of human beings.


Three main elements are linked with happiness and ultimately wellbeing. These include:

  • Physical health
  • Mental health
  • Social health

Physical Health:

The first one is our physical health. If we are physically healthy and fit, then we will cherish our life, little moments and live every moment to its fullest. But, if we are suffering from physical illness, then we won’t be happy in our lives. Hence, we will not experience the feeling of contentment.

 Mental Health:

The second one is mental health. It is the most crucial element which is linked with happiness. If a person is suffering from mental illness, he is striving through depression, anxiety, frustration, or any other mental health issue, then he will not be contented with his life. He will be in the pursuit of happiness and contentment. He will be urging for a mental state of wellbeing.

Social Health:

The third one is social health. Social health is related to our physical and mental health. It can be defined as our capability to interact with the people around us and develop harmonious relationships. If we are physically and mentally healthy, only then we can be socially healthy and have developed cordial relations with people around us. If we are not contented, then ultimately we will not have good social health. If seen in pictorial form, physical, psychological, and social health are interlinked in hierarchical form.



The most crucial hormone that develops the feeling of happiness, wellbeing, comfort, and contentment is serotonin. It is one of the important hormones in the body which impacts the whole human body. It reduces depression and mental pain in human beings.


Dopamine is yet another hormone that makes us feel good and induces a feeling of wellbeing in us.


Endorphin is a hormone that reduces physical pain and makes us happy.

Effects of Deficiency of these hormones:

If any of these hormones are not produced by our body, then we will not be able to cherish life. We will be suffering, but it might not be understandable for a layman. Any laymen would think that we seem physically and mentally healthy, then why we are not contented or happy. But the need of an hour is to seek medical aid and get proper medicines to normalize the production of these critical hormones.


Happiness is pivotal for human wellbeing which impacts the longevity of humans. People who experience positive emotions are more likely to live a long life than people who go through negative emotions. Happiness is affected by human health, and good human health enables people to live a healthy, long and joyful life.


According to a survey, 98% of happy and satisfied nuns were living at the age of 85, whereas 34% of nuns with discontentment survived. Similarly, 54% of cheerful nuns reached the age of 94, while 11% of unhappy nuns attained this long levity.


A very important factor that impacts happiness and contentment is mature defenses. Mature defenses are the traits that are not possessed by everyone, but they improve the mental health of the people possessing them and ultimately result in a state of happiness and contentment. The mature defenses include the habit of being concerned for the wellbeing of others, a good sense of humor, planning carefully about the future, the ability to hold up gratification, etc.


Happiness is directly proportional to a satisfactory marital life. If someone is in a healthy relationship, living the best life, where the partner is understanding and compassionate, then one will have great mental, physical and social health, and hence will enjoy life to the fullest. They will lead a healthy life filled with contentment and happiness.

Study About Happiness and Marital Status:

In a study, researchers examined the pictures of women in the yearbook and by observing the pictures they guessed which woman is more likely to be married, stay married, and live a healthy life. Again, the result was the most cheerful group of people.


Optimism has a positive impact on human wellbeing and happiness. When you will think positively about your future, your loved ones, and the problems you are facing, then eventually you will be happy and will enjoy good health. An optimistic approach towards life and problems increases longevity. You will ultimately be happy if you will look for a positive aspect in every dark moment you experience.


A study was conducted in Canada regarding happiness and wellbeing. In this study, a semi-structured interview was conducted with men and women. The participants were explained that happiness and wellbeing are two distinct terminologies. The conclusion drawn from the research was that happiness and wellbeing are not static but iterative entities. They are determined by the achievement of one’s goals in life and liberty in meaning-making in one’s life.


In conclusion, it can be said that happiness is a positive state of mind whereas wellbeing is the state of being contented and healthy. Happiness impacts three types of human health. From the above discussion, it is clear that happiness is mandatory for human wellbeing. Hence, we should consciously try to be happy. Happiness is something you cannot find or buy rather you create it when you start cherishing little moments. According to WHO, human health is the state of complete psychological, social and physical health and wellbeing and it merely does not depend on the absence of disease. Hence happiness is a mental state of expression of positive emotions due to positive functioning whereas wellbeing is the state where one experiences positive emotions due to mental, social, and physical functioning.


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