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COVID-19 and it’s Effects on Mental Health

Origin of COVID-19: –

  • In the last month of 2019, in China, a suspicious virus was seen in the blood smear of numerous patients having flu-like symptoms. After a few weeks, this situation becomes worse and the number increased from dozens to hundreds and from hundreds to thousands. It was the deadliest Corona Virus also called COVID-19 that shattered the foundation of Wuhan’s socioeconomic stature just in few weeks.

Genome: –

  • This virus belongs to the SARS and MERS family of viruses, which has no vaccine / any proper treatment medications. This virus collapsed the health system of the whole world. WHO recognized this COVID-19 virus as pandemic due to its widespread over 160+ countries.

Adverse Effects on mental health: –

This pandemic covered the whole world In a few months and all the global system was stopped, all big cities were deserted, no social activity was done in this period. Lock-down was imposed to stop the spread of this deadliest virus. All over the world WHO started a campaign about awareness.  All these conditions and campaign on social media has a bad impact on the mental health of people all over the world.

A few of them are discussed below:

  • Anxiety and depression patients all over the world increased. And people who have poor socioeconomic balance suffer a lot and 70% of cases are reported from these kinds of people.
  • Due to a 4/5-month successive lock-down millions of people lost their jobs and businesses, this was also the main cause of intolerance and divorce in Europe.
  • The human Psychology department of Pakistan surveyed mental health big Pakistani people and they came to know that 79% of people in rural areas and 45% urban suffered from a financial crisis. The 80% of people of big cities were in depression and anxiety that they may get Virus and 40% of these think Corona is as equal to death, so I may get Corona I will be on the edge of death.
  • Due to pandemic know after Corns worse attacks are diminishing and life is slowly moving towards the normal but psychological status of 70% people of the world is yet entrapped in thoughts Corona is still there and especially to those who suffered from this virus attacks.
  • School and Colleges are again going to open with a lot of SOPs but all these activities have a deep impact on mental stature and it’s hard for a young one to cope with all this.
  • There is also in the back of mind that Corona may gain come and maybe we will be next, so it’s a government priority to have counselling session for school students to get out of these pandemic fears.


What should we Do to Cope with this Post Pandemic Effect?

  • To decrease fear and anxiety the government should allow all sports activities at least with few audiences.
  • There should be a special counselling session to aware people of facts and figures of COVID-19 mortality and recovery rate.
  • All those businessmen/employees who lost their jobs and businesses in this pandemic should be given some special financial support to cope with all their problems.
  • The whole society eases the way of their business to minimize the risk of Corona.

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