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Why does everyone want to be Tech updated?

As we all know it is the era of technology, we see technology being used in every field of life. In such an era everyone wants to be tech up to date because they know they will be able to make their place in this world, and move with the pace of the world if they are tech up to date. Specifically, teenagers who have their whole life ahead and have to make a career, earn a decent amount of money and be financially independent, put in their struggle to be tech up to date. They know that they couldn’t be as much successful without the knowledge of technology, so they put in their effort to be tech up to date. But, to be up tech date is not easy. One has to face certain issues and overcome some obstacles to be up to tech date.

Lack of Consistent Internet Connection:

The major issue one faces in learning the latest technology is lacking a consistent internet connection. As of January 2020, 76.38 million people have the access to the internet in Pakistan, in which a large number of people do not have a stable internet connection. In order to be updated about the latest technology, a stable internet connection is necessary.  People living in cities faceless connection issues as compared to the people who live in rural areas.

Choosing which Technology to Learn:

Another challenge that people, especially teenagers face is that they start learning technology and in the meantime, another technology gets introduced. Then, they feel confused about whether they should keep learning the previous technology or switch to new technology. As technology is being introduced at a rapid rate so people feel confused about which technology will be helpful for them in the future. So, choosing to learn a technology that goes by their career and interest is yet another struggle.

Absence of a Mentor:

Everyone needs guidance in the technical field to know in what ways he can be up to tech date, which technology he should learn and what resources he should use for that purpose. Some people have that mentor figure in their lives who guides them in this regard. Unfortunately, everyone does not have a mentor. It is yet a struggle for them to decide on their own without any proper guidance that which platform they have to use and in learning which technology they have to invest their time. They lack an initial push in their lives, they don’t know where to start from. Due to a lack of proper guidance and ignorance, many people fail to learn the latest technology.


To minimize the struggle one puts in to be up to tech date, one can join professional organizations. At one time one must put all his effort into learning one technology. It’s better if you are updated about a single technology rather than you have trivial information about all technologies but cannot use a single technology properly. To be up to tech date, one must devote a small portion of their day to listening to tech news. Just by listening to tech news, reading blogs and articles about technology does not make you up tech date, but you must be willing to experiment with the latest technology to explore more about the technology.

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