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Joint Project

Completion of a Joint project by Muaawin-e-Ilm & Muaawin-e-Sehat. Both teams have successfully accomplished this project in Primary School Girls and Primary School Boys in Kandar Akbar Pura.

Certificate Distribution Ceremony

Muaawin Team arranged Certificate Distribution Ceremony on the 8th of February 2023, of the Muaawin’s Online warzone and Muslim Colony Project recently done.

Meet and Greet Session of Islamabad Team

Meet and Greet of the Muaawin Islamabad Team was held on 21 January 2023 at Pakistan Monument. Appreciation Certificates were presented to Former Head Islamabad Team. Discussion of new ideas, future plans, and projects was done.

Pakistan Sweet Homes

Muaawin Volunteers conducted a project at Pakistan Sweet Homes on December 3, 2021 where they had some pretty joyous moments with the children and got to spend a pleasant time on site.

Baghban Old Age Home

Muaawin E Ujala with the collaboration of Riphah international University students have successfully done the project of Baghban Old Age Home. With the purpose to distribute winters basic Equipment and Groceries.

Plantation Drive

Plantation Drive by Muaawin Volunteers at G-8/4 Islamabad on October 2, 2021.

Plantation Drive

Volunteers of Muaawin conducted a Plantation Drive at Islamabad Model School for Girls F7/1 in collaboration with Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust on September 10, 2021.

NMDCAT Guidelines Seminar

GMC Muaawin Team conducted NMDCAT Guidelines Seminar at Dar e Arqam College on 13th August 2021. A brief introduction of Muaawin was given and a proper NMDCAT guidelines talk was given to the students.

Visit to SOS Village (Orphanage)

On 10th August 2021, IM Sciences Muawin Team visited SOS village (Orphanage) to perform an art day with kids. Lunch was taken for more than 120 people including staff members.

Project Eidi For Needy

Muaawin’s Islamabad Team visited NOREEN ZINDAGI WELFARE TRUST (NZWT) to distribute Eidi among childrens on 9th May 2021.

Visit to SOS Children Village

On 7th August 2021, Muaawin RMI team did their very first project “Visit to SOS Children Village”. A full introduction of Muaawin was given to the audience and toys, stationary was distributed among all children.

Iftar Boxes in a Medical Unit

Muaawin’s RMU team on 18 April 2021, distributed Iftar Boxes In Medical Unit -2 At Holy Family Hospital, Rawalpindi. They all had a good time spent in hospital.

Project Dar ul Uloom

This project was Carried out on 11th June, 2021 and it was in collaboration with Shimla Organization From Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad.

Holy Family Hospital Project

Muaawin’s RMU team on 11 April 2021, held a cute little competition among different teams of kids and Muaawin volunteers for a healthy interaction at HOLY FAMILY HOSPITAL RAWALPINDI and appreciation of the little ones.

Visit to Aaghosh Orphanage

Muaawin’s GMC Team successfully finished its first project which was a Visit to Aaghosh Orphanage on 28 March 2021. The volunteers did an amazing job and the project was an ourstanding success.

6th Medical Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore Region with the collaboration of Little Angel Welfare Association (LAWA) organised it’s 6th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at Al Sahar Medical & Phsiotherapy Centre Shahdrah, Lahore.

Award Ceremony

Muaawin D.I.Khan region conducted a finest award ceremony for the students who achieved scholarship in Mock Test conducted on 28 February 2021. And also distributed certificates among Test Management team.

Cleanliness Drive

Muaawin’s Islamabad Team conducted a Cleanliness Drive at Kinara Park, Banigala. The main aim of this drive is to create awareness regarding cleanliness. 

Aghosh Orphanage Project

Muaawin IM Sciences Peshawar team visited Aghosh Orphanage Peshawar. The idea was to make one day of 50 kids amazing. They organized an Art day event for Primary school kids at Aghosh orphanage and also arrange lunch for them, gifts are distributed among them and different games are played.

5th Medical Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore region with the collaboration of Little Angel Welfare Association (LAWA) organised it’s 5th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at township Lahore. General Physicians, Gynaecologist, Nutritionists, Physiotherapists, Pharmacists joined us and served services in this Camp.

Winter Essentials Drive

Muaawin’s Islamabad Team organized some winter essentials drive in the slum area near I-10 /2-3. on 3rd February, 2021. Food, clothes and other necessary items were distributed among the needy people.

World Education Day

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan organised a wonderful Project on the instance of World Education Day at Child Protection Centre Sabzazaar Lahore. Volunteers engaged the students with different learning activities and highlighted the importance of Education.

4th Medical Camp

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al-Anahad Foundation organized it’s 4th Free Medical and Nutrition Camp at 23 Check Sharqpur Shareef. Almost 300 patients were checked and provided free consultancy, free medicines, free masks and sensitizers, free hepatitis tests HbsAg HCV, BSR, HB tests and much more.

Award Ceremony for Volunteers

Muaawin’s D.I. Khan region conducted a finest award ceremony to encourage our volunteers. MPA Faisal Amin Khan was our Chief guest who distributed appreciation certificates among the volunteers for their participation in Orphanage Project.

Project Happiness

Muaawin’s Lahore Team with the collaboration of Al-Anahad Foundation organized another Educational and Medical Project Project Happiness at Altaf Mehmood Orphanage, Johar Town. Purpose of this project was to bring smiles in the lives of orphan.

Aghosh Al Khidmat Foundation Project

Muaawin’s D.I. Khan Team visited the orphan house and gathered the kids. The children were briefed about Muaawin e ilm and its goals on a projector. The ceremony was followed by games and other revreational activities.

Education Project at Child Protection Centre

Muaawin’s Lahore Team organised another Education Project at Child Protection Centre Lahore. They focused on the character building, Self Esteem, Ethics of the Students and encouraged them in different games and competitions. All the students were awarded with prizes and gifts.

Muaawin Ration Drive

Muaawin’s Lahore, D.I. Khan and Islamabad Teams distributed food packs and ration to more than 40 families in different areas of their respective cities. All the volunteers showed great dedication for this ration drive.

Breast Cancer Awareness Session

Muaawin-e-Sehat (RMU Team) had a session in their university about Breast cancer awareness on October 28, 2020. This session had such a powerful impact on RMU VC that he directed orders to make a proper program about cancer awareness.

Stephen Orphanage Project

The project was officially initiated by Muaawin-e–Ilm Islamabad on September 12, 2020. The main objective of this project was to provide necessary educational things to the children.

NWZT Project

The project was officially initiated by Muaawin-e–Ilm PIEAS Team on February 16, 2020. The main objective of this project was to provide Textbooks to the Orphans of Noreen Zindagi Welfare Trust.

Mega Event

This event was organized to mark the first anniversary of Muaawin. Senator M. Ali Saif and Senator Sitara Ayaz were the chief guests. Muaawin’s one year progress was highlighted during the event.

Muslim Colony Project

The project was initiated on November 30, 2019. During this event a classroom which was initially in a very poor state was completely renovated. The project was funded in its entirety by funds gathered by Muaawin volunteers through donations.

3rd Health Camp

Muaawin-e-Sehat Lahore Team organized its 3rd Free medical camp. 800+ patients were treated and were given different sorts of free medicines. This time, there was also an arrangement of free Medical Tests.

Volunteer Grooming Session

A grooming session was arranged in PIEAS which was based on informing students about different internships programmes they can avail. The session was informative and motivational which helped students to get the insight of the future opportunities.


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