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Decision Making: Heart or Head?


The conversation started on decision making with heart starting the conversation

HEART: – People always consult me because I suggest them to follow passion forgetting about what society thinks.

HEAD: – Hah! Come on heart. Following passion is not enough to survive in this tyrannical world. One must grab status, money, and respect in society.

HEART: – Duh! I disagree, how come money make one happy when he/she doesn’t enjoy the work? On what grounds you say this?

HEAD: – “cause to me it makes sense “

HEART: – Sense? Ahh! (Smirking😲) let’s escape this prison and live in a truce.

HEAD: – No! The thing is you should just do your pumping blood job, decision making is my task, (grinning😠). The work suits in the hands of the one skilled to do it! Got it?

HEART: – Poor people who follow you may get success but live miserably.

HEAD: – I always give withy solutions and save one from drowning into the sea of futility

HEART: – I make people fly in the sky of glee, fall in love which is the most beautiful feeling (dreamy😔 eye)

HEAD: – And they soon fall into a ravine (giggled☺️)

HEART: – Humph! Stop being rude okay?

HEAD: – Okay ‘let me give you an example. You eat healthy only if your head tells you to. Contrary, if one listens to heart, eats junk, and eventually damages the heart itself.

HEART: – See, I want people to eat scrumptious food, buy fancy clothes to take their minds off the stress? No matter how much it costs.

HEAD: – Look! The one who spends wisely ends up being a happy person with pockets filled and if he listens to heart spends all of it to get temporary pleasure ending up in agony.

HEART: – Money! Money! Money! Head? (Grinning😠) do you even care anything else? Satisfaction and pleasure automatically brigs all eventually.

HEAD: – Get you facts straight and right you Donald pump (laughing😆)

HEART: – No matter how much one camouflages himself with the decisions the brain has made but deep down one knows happiness lies where our heart is! You do not realize how important it is to live happily.

HEAD: – This world is not a utopian heart; you pay for illogical and unsound decisions.

HEART: – You sounds like an encyclopedia, ranting about facts and logic.

HEAD: – So? Is an encyclopedia ever wrong? NO? (Burning🤯)

HEART: – Oh my pal! You have to be reminded every time one can’t be a philosopher but to live your life as you desire is the main purpose.

HEAD: – Most of the time, people don’t even heed toward you because you are a COWARD!!!

HEART: – Shut up! Hear you are getting on my nerves now. I just want people to chase their dreams, take risks. Monotonous life is indeed min numbing.

HEAD: – And I want people to work hard, achieve success so they can walk shoulder high in society.

HEART: – And imprison themselves in society standards? This is what you want head? HuH!

HEAD: – I don’t even care okay? So, hearts we can never come to some conclusion. It’s better to stay in our paths.

HEART: – (giggles☺️) Right you are. But I never give up okay. People listen, follow your heart even if it means taking risks (winks😉) okay bye

HEAD: – I have got plenty of stuff to work upon.


———Conversation ends ——


Decide on your own but decide wisely.




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  1. Syed Shahrose

    A. E. Housman, ‘When I was one-and-twenty’.

    When I was one-and-twenty
    I heard a wise man say,
    ‘Give crowns and pounds and guineas
    But not your heart away;
    Give pearls away and rubies
    But keep your fancy free.’
    But I was one-and-twenty,
    No use to talk to me …

    1. Anonymous

      Thanks alot for your precious comment👍🏻👍🏻

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