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Death by Hunger


Our world is taking us nowhere. Enough food for mankind to survive yet one billion people are in starvation. Food scarcity has only increased in Pakistan in recent years. Families that earn bread on daily wages struggle to make ends meet. Helping them will not make us small in any way. It would not make much difference to our lives but it will help the poor families by bounds. By helping these families, we are making them realize that they are not alone and I am sure we do not want to leave them alone. We must fight together in this crucial time. Let us let them know we stand by them come what may.

Hunger is the source of a lot of crimes such as begging and theft. There have been incidences where mothers get rid of children because of the extreme hunger. Why do we always make them guilty when we are responsible for the deaths by hunger ourselves. We make them come to this point where they are left with no other choice. They believe that this is their life. They do not think out of the box or maybe they do not know there is something more to think about. It is us who must make them realize that there is more to learn and more to life because someone must put it out there for their awareness.


One of the major problems that Pakistan is confronted with is food shortage. It is estimated that 40% of food is wasted in Pakistan. Pakistan has the highest rates of malnutrition, undernourishment, and childhood stunting in the world. About 29.5% of Pakistani are living below the poverty belt. Even though food is readily available but unfortunately Pakistan’s food policy has failed and the natives particularly the lower middle class cannot manage to afford enough food due to high prices.

Unemployment and poverty are linked together. Many people live in poverty because they are unable to find jobs even though they are willing to work at minimum wage. Highly qualified people in Pakistan remain jobless and end up in criminal activities to earn a living and support their families.  If the income growth had been equally distributed the poverty rate would have been much better than it is now. Rapidly growing population, defective and low-quality educational system and incorporation of wealth in a few hands are catalysts in the growing poverty rate.

The elite use more than half of the funds for their use which leads to poverty. For instance, there is a government hospital with a 10 million budget someone uses 8 million for personal use. The hospital would not be upgraded and no new equipment would be there. So, if a member of a powerful or wealthy family falls into a situation it will be easy for him to go to a private hospital but for someone who cannot afford would have no other choice than to be there and not be given the minimum health services.


The Government should be more concerned about food insecurity. People’s talent is wasted. The study is based on foreign research. Research labs are limited and far behind the rest of the world. People have more theoretical knowledge and they do not practically implement it due to no practice and opportunity to experiment.

As a citizen and someone not in power or authority, we should understand that above anything comes humanity. Serving the poor is one of the greatest humanitarian help an individual can provide in his or her lifetime. We should thank Allah Almighty for whatever we have and help those who may not have the basic needs. Helping the poor is a moral responsibility of anyone who can spare even a penny. Let’s move forward unitedly forward and vow to help those in need as much as is our capacity.




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    Great job done!♥️

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    Great work👍🤩

  4. Manahil shykh

    Always making us proud 🥺❤️
    May Allah give more power to you ❤️❤️

  5. Aftab

    Its a good effort I am impressed for the thought process. Learning to pen down your imaginative
    ability analytically is a skill which will further your aim off ensuring mass acceptance.

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    Well explained. I hope concerned authorties will take measures

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    keep it up🤩

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    1. Faheem

      A very well described article for the reality
      We need implementation on these theme for helping the poor and needy
      We should start by doing a little help by ourselves then we will Inshallah change our community

  9. Anonymous

    Greatt Effect ❤❤

  10. Iqra Khan

    Your work is so striking and precise! Humanity really needs to take a long hard look at itself .Thankyou for your amazing way of presenting the reality of the suffering majority in this world . Keep it up 👍

  11. Natasha

    I’m shook to the core. It was so thoughtful. We should be thankful every day for our blessings. Strongly written!

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    More power to you❤❤❤

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  13. Muhammad Hassan Moeen

    Yes this is the bitter reality…. I will talk about only Pakistan where we have beautiful religion name is islam and in islam there is ideology of zakaat .. and also you explained very nicely …. As a nation we began by declaring that ‘ we will give zakat to those most in need ‘


    It’s great article and start .. May people should understand the deep thought behind this article.

  14. Faiza

    Yes this article will make alot of people realize that what are they doing with the innocent peoples . Because of us we are losing alot of lives .you have make us proud . May Allah almighty give you more strength . inshAllah this article will change the mind of alot of people

  15. Nazakat ali

    God bless you 😍

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    Well explained ❤️

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