You are currently viewing Generation Gap brought to you by technological globalization

Generation Gap brought to you by technological globalization

With quickly surging advancements over the last two decades, several phenomena and scenarios have become altered without being obvious to various people as they consider it as “natural” and “inevitable.” But the reality shows how much the world has been transformed due to the emergence of capitalism and globalization with the regular revolutionary innovations and augmented influence of various cultures over the others. The generation gap is one of such evolutionary concepts that have affected people in several ways.

Have you ever wondered why sometimes you feel a lack of communication between yourself and your parents on several matters because of conflict in attitudes, ways of thinking, behaviors, cultural preferences, et cetera? This is what we call “Generation Gap”. Communication becomes difficult and there remain disagreements. This gap had and has remained in the world over time. Although it was negligible in the past, it has become evident in the present century.

Noting incidents that happen around us frequently involve the behavioral ethics of both generations. What elders feel insulting and absurd language; the young generation uses it in daily conversations, considering it a “cool” addition to their sentences. Advice from elders regarding the correctness of such behaviors often results in younger people being frustrated. They feel that their parents are not well aware of the trends and of how the group conversations work, and the young generation has to do all this cool stuff to stay in fashion or keep themselves up-to-date.

We see this variance in youngsters’ thinking behaviors while pointing towards religious beliefs as elders seem to be more religiously dedicated. At the same time, the new generation considers religious affiliations to be rigid and strict. They can often be seen to be challenging the fundamental Islamic orders bringing leniency and flexibility and making it a “no big deal.” Political views and opinions also differ in the minds of both generations.

The older generation keeps on suggesting devotionally how important and significant Pakistan’s making was and how people sacrificed their lives, wealth, and other assets. Contrarily, youngsters focus more on the historical details that can be challenged logically. Today, the children and young generation are more brand-conscious; perhaps, brands have become judgment standards. They are more aware of branding roles in enhancing self-esteem and acceptance in peer groups.

One of the biggest reasons behind these endless debates is technological evolution. The outburst of information and spread of cultural influences through social media sites have confused and overwhelmed youngsters. There can also be a conflict of technology usage adeptness between the generations as the youngsters are skilled in using the technology, even a 2-3 years old knows how to operate a device.

At the same time, elders seem to lack in it because they were not born in the digital era and couldn’t adapt themselves according to these innovations. Youngsters, sort of, live on the web as they do all the experiences like banking and shopping online, but the elders do not agree to trust the things that are not seen or checked physically before the purchase. Another difference noticed is that the elders feel hesitant to explore a device’s functions and features while confining themselves to one or two apps only (mainly WhatsApp, Facebook, or YouTube).

The young generation feels proud of themselves for being technology masters, and they often get teased while helping their parents in seeking know-how of the usage of the digital device.

There are some ways to bridge at least a gap in technology usage, but both generations need to cooperate for this. The older adults must remember that the young person uses the internet for every task he/she has to accomplish. The youngsters must keep in mind that the elders can use the internet, but it is okay if they take some extra time to complete a task. Both need to accept the differences. Furthermore, young people can make it easier for the older ones to search and use the specially designed websites for older people’s assistance and interest.

We, the youngsters, should realize that our elders didn’t age with the devices and technology. Instead, we must think about how successfully and actively they’ve led their lives and precisely the time when they were energetic youngsters. Both the generations cannot become like each other. Still, it doesn’t mean that we are allowed to be harsh on them and be the ones challenging them now and then. It is a common proverb, “The glory of young men is their strength, but the splendor of old men is their gray hair.”

Be considerate and kind with your elders as we don’t get much time with them. Cherish the life you’re spending with them and avail yourself of every opportunity you get to tell them how essential and vital is their presence in your lives. You should make the most out of the time you get to live with them. That’s how you can make your and your elders’ life soothing and cherish able for the times to come.

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