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We are missing out on the world if we are missing out on our parents

Well, this topic at first, maybe hard for you to interpret. But why I raised it and why are we missing out on this most formal thing? In the past few weeks, I have experienced that my friends around whom I spend most of my day, among who I sit. There is always at some point on an argument that is always raised, well mostly in boys’ case who is about turning 18. They always complain about their parents being strict and not allowing them to do certain things.

Most of the time, I see them making foul statements about their own family in front of the people who are not related but are eager to hear the nonsense the other is about to say. Well, to elaborate I can say; consider a friend of yours who came late to a meeting you arranged with your friends and everyone asks him about why he got late.

More than 80% chances are there that he would say something like, “Bro, I was caught up at home”, and just after these words he would say, “God, my parents they are always making me do things and every time I say that I am going out they would argue with me for why I am going and would ask me to come back early.” This particular statement, I have heard so many times that I even laugh when anyone says something like this.

Here is the thing that I would like to share with, you, yes the one who is reading this blog right now and if you are a juvenile boy, listen carefully. Are you sure if your parents stop asking you about, why are you going out and when you will be back? Then you will always be at the right spot and with the right people, and also you will assure that you will be back home before late.

Also, are you sure if they stop asking you to run some errands and go to the store or whatever, then you would learn all by yourselves how to manage a home and deal with the people outside. Well, I don’t think so.

Why do we miss out on our family?

Every parent is worried about their child for their future and they do whatever is possible, to give them a good childhood. In some cases, we cannot agree, but I assure you most of the parents do. But the question is this, in return, are we grateful to them. Most of us when we reach the age of 18, when we are about to be given the title of being an adult, we see nothing past ourselves.

Correct me, if I am but from where I think, we become selfish we only care about ourselves. Our future and our careers. Some of you might be thinking that who doesn’t, well this is also true. I got selfish, all I cared about was my future plans and where I would be after 5 years.

When we start spending more time out, we get indulged in some habits that we know we would be regretting after some years to pass, and still, we do it. We start ignoring our family, they feel bad about it but don’t say anything, because they know you are having the vibrant phase of your life.

The point, I am raising is, “Don’t let yourself be so much indulged with your life that you leave behind the people who care for you, because your respect arises from the closest circle of yours.” There is no value of your success or your achievements if your family is not there to adore it.

Things to do:

In my opinion, there are only a couple of things that you should follow:

  • Sit with your parents for a while and tell them about your day, share some things about your friends with them. So, they would be encouraged about your social life and that you are keeping a good company.
  • Share your feelings with your parents, tell them about the shortcoming of your life. They are always there to listen and make you confident about yourself.
  • Always, involve them in your happiness and your bad phases, because this gives them the courage that you would not break their trust.
  • Randomly, ask them if they need anything. They would deny for most of the time, but this would give them a smile and you will see this would give you the best feeling and a charm come to your face.
  • When your parents ask you to do something, don’t behave like you are in no mood of doing anything, and agree with them first. If you have any problem tell them later, they would surely listen to you.
  • Please don’t complain as they are trying their best to fulfill your needs, and don’t hurt their feelings by always asking for more.
  • Last and not the least. Pray for their well-being, as parents are the most precious gift of Allah to you, ask those who are deprived of this blessing.

Remember this thing, Allah listens to a parent’s prayer most closely. Keep your parents smiling because this makes their life, and if the world sees that you are good with your parents, then everyone would be good for you.

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  1. Anonymous

    Great and much needed article for our youth!

    1. Muneeba Kiran

      Great Faiez!
      Worthreading, Parents are everything in this world

      1. Faiez Ali

        Thank u……. I hope it helps……. 🙂

  2. Abdullah

    Well done author, very well researched article.

    1. Faiez Ali


  3. Aqsa Fatima

    “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

    Well researched article…. Our youth needs to understand this!!!!!!

    1. Faiez Ali

      Thank u for your appreciation… 😊

  4. Aqsa Fatima

    “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old.”

    Good article…. Our youth needs to understand this!!!!!!

  5. Aqsa Fatima

    “Love your parents. We are so busy growing up, we often forget they are also growing old”

    1. Anonymous

      I 100% agree with this blog,
      Ma Sha Allah.

  6. Anonymous

    Bro, very true. I would because we all are living digitally meaning always on our phone. We should start enjoying life rather an Instagram story.

    1. Faiez Ali

      Thank u for reading ……. 👍👊

  7. Kanwar Abdul Rehman

    Agreed bro. We should reserve some time for our parents not on social media chatting with ghosts you don’t truly know

    1. Faiez Ali


  8. Anonymous

    Well said Faiez.
    Sentence no. 4 ✌️

    1. Faiez Ali


  9. Muhammad Umer

    Good job !

  10. Ahsan Imran

    You addressed a very commonly observed issue and handled it very well. Great work boy. Keep at it !!!

  11. M. Ahmer Farooqi

    We always find happiness with our parents, really a great piece of art. Also a resource for those who are just starting out. 😍

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