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Fear of Failure

Imagine being so afraid of not painting a masterpiece the first time you hold a brush; you do not hold a brush at all. Who wishes to fail in their full wits?. Majority of people live with this fear of failing and can not help themselves. It holds them back from achieving greatness. If someone’s mind is made up that they will fail at something they are trying to do they are afraid to do it in the first place. Every time their  brain maneuvers towards a new idea a negative or worse case scenario subconsciously pops up. This kind of mind-set stops people from making efforts to better themselves 


  • When people fail to give their best due to extreme fear. Thinking they might not succeed, they feel as if other attempts would also turn out bad. They do not try to give themselves another chance. So, they give up on their dreams without trying. This shows that the person lacks self-confidence. They feel this is their fate while Quran say: “Nothing will happen to us except what Allah has decreed fours: He is our protector”: and on Allah let the Believers put their trust.” (Surah At-Taw bah, Ayah 51) 
  • When one is given so many opinions that their own opinion fades away. Do not let other people guide your life. Build self-trust in whatever you do. Have faith in yourself. That does not mean you would make right decisions every time rather you will have the experience. Consider what you feel is right. Experience is something that makes you learn and grow. It makes you stronger and wiser. So, if you fail you will learn and grow.
  • Perfectionism stems from multiple ranges. From being pressurized by parents in childhood to wanting to control the world around them. When someone sets impossibly high expectations and standards it often leads to anxiety. Do not try to be perfect because nobody is.


Never do something with your eye on the tag of failure or success. Try not to let the negativity get the better of you. Fight your inner demons and shut out the noise. Work actively each day to turn your self-critical thoughts into pro-active thoughts. Learn that no one has ever succeeded before failing in any walk of life. If you do fall down learn from your mistakes. Also, try not to be the noise that someone would need to shut out. Be empathetic. Treat yourself with respect and be confident in your skin and extend the same courtesy to those around. Support your people. After all true learning only ever comes from mistakes and what are mistakes but little steps to achieve great things. 

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    Amazing Write Up!! Very Useful !!

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    I wish I could write like you

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    This is soo good

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    Well done. Verily i had heard that simple language usage is not in range of every body.
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    It’s really goodddd keep up the hard work .

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    This is something many of us to learn. Failure is not the beast, fear is. Well done!

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    AMAZING!!!!! now a days specially this generation needs such type of article to read

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