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The Problem of Time Management

Certainly, when we are talking about doing some certain task, there is a thought process in our mind that helps us to take this initial evaluation, about what we are assigned with and what is the requirement for the job? After setting a proper mind, the next thing coming to our mind is the time required to complete the job. Here, as I assume we lack the most.

If I only speak for myself. Then I have concluded that every time I set a goal for doing a job in a certain period if I am not supervised I am unable to do it in time. As a student, if ever set some goal for some syllabus to complete in a specified time, it became impossible for me to conduct it. I have always found myself in a difficult spot and it also leads to my high level of stress in exams. I know, some of you might contradict this factor and some might agree.

Well, when I spoke to my friends about this problem, most of them agree with me. I asked them about what are their views about it, and every single one of them had the same point about getting distracted or losing the temperament. I even remember myself, getting punished for not doing my work on time. I was sluggish but growing up I overcame this habit which is not completely an easy job.

Here are the things, I would like to mention if you are yourself facing this difficulty of not managing your time properly. Don’t give up on me yet, as I know you might have read many articles on this topic and may have gotten expert advice. If you did then it’s good because I am here to give you practical advice and not the noble.

Stuff to Ponder:

  • Remember every person has his shortcomings, so if you are facing something which is affecting your daily life don’t get embarrassed by it. Try to accept what you are. Believe me, no one is completely able to overcome you. The most active motto of all is; “No one is made perfect, neither shall you surrender for not being perfect.”
  • Deadlines scare people. It is an absolute reality because human nature runs away from boundaries. We require freedom at all costs. Thus, whenever someone tells us that we have this amount of time to do the job, we become afraid and anxious. Anxious about how to complete the job and afraid of not completing the task properly. There are some moments when we are confident about our skills and we can do the task at any time given. The amount of practice represents us. For instance, when we were in Junior grade simple 2+3 might be a time-consuming problem, but now it’s at our fingertips. Interesting, No. Well, the same is the case here, if we have practice then we can do it better. 
  • In my research, we are comparing ourselves with others every last minute in our lives. Now, that we have become a global village so every time we see a person relevant to us. We try to compare his traits and his fortune with ours. We envy people, we get inspired and mostly we long for the things that they possess but we cannot. This habit of ours motivates us in our aims and when we are unable, affects our mental health.
  • The sense of responsibility affects our performance. He who proves to be responsible certainly is more productive than a non-responsible person. But sometimes, life turns pages and we feel to be neglected and we long for our effort. Here, I always tell my fella’s that life is not unfair, if you give your best at something you will receive your best if not now then in your future you will.

The things I mentioned above are just to clear up your mind about the reasons you are getting upset for not managing well. These things are to be dealt with because a positive mind is the most important in producing positive output.

Things you can do:

We are all aware of the fact that every goal demands a good focus, so if you are willing to give your best at something by the proper way and good management then I would suggest you follow these steps;

  • Set goals correctly:

We often find ourselves in situations where we are asking ourselves whether we are doing the right thing, if it is beneficial to us or not, are we doing it right or not? From my experience, I would ask that if you don’t have a positive thought in doing something, then try to get rid of it first-hand. If you can’t or you think you are doing good then try to clear your vision.

  • Prioritize Wisely:

This step is the trickiest and you need to give it a good thought. Taking things in priority always helps, if a job is mixed with multiple tasks then you should focus mainly on the thing, which requires most of your time. In this way, you should be able to give your productivity at your best.

  • Set a time duration:

When we start anything we often think, this will take this much of our time. If you make up your mind correctly, then it may also help you to evaluate your skills and abilities. But keep this in mind when you know you are exceeding the time limit, you must leave and get involved in any other activity. Make a time duration again and try to take it the proper way.

  • Taking a break:

The human mind is not trained to work continuously, you always need a break. Studies show that those people who refresh their minds from time to time give a good output than those who work continuously. Breaks not only refresh your mind from the stress, but you might also be able to improve your efficiency. Don’t forget to take breaks, but remember it’s a break, not a getaway. Thus, try to get back as soon as you can.

  • Organize yourselves:

Every job requires organization, if you are a good organizer then you are good at your job. From where I see everything, I always take into view the spot where I lag and where I can perform well. At my weak points, I consider having help or try availing myself some extra time to work on them.

  • Ask for help:

Asking for and offering help is always a good activity. You must remember every person cannot be good at everything. You need to get help time by time. So don’t be shy. Because it helps you to get a helping circle and also saves your time from the struggle you might face alone.

  • Plan ahead:

The worst thing you will do when everything is going in order is to loosen up. I tell you it is the turn where you always take a fall. When we see everything going in order we loosen ourselves. Remember to keep yourself in strain. Take proper rest when you have achieved what you are working on. Always look forward and develop new milestones as they will help you grow.


These are the tiny bits of things that I have to offer and which might help you get a good result. Remember never to stop taking bits of advice and helping others, as learning never stops.

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