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EXERCISE: For a Healthy living, try a little more

The present era in which we all are living is full of health hazards, because of pollution, rapid industrialization and mechanization. The lifestyle of people has changed. Physical activity in daily life is limited to switching on and off the remote controls of every instrument and electronic devices, for example, the operation of television, telephone laptop mobiles etc. This leads to various problems related to health, because of their less manual or physical labor in daily activities. This fact provides the basis for the need and importance of physical education activities.

If we want to keep our selves fit and healthy during this era, then we have to involve ourselves in some sort of physical activity regularly so that muscles and other systems of our body get exercised regularly and develop properly, and thereby avoid various health-related problems and diseases. To have better fitness, an individual has to do various fitness exercises regularly, without giving any break in the fitness program. If we are not following a fitness program regularly then our fitness will decline.

A healthy person may become physically unfit if he does not exercise regularly. The efficiency of muscles reduces due to less or irregular physical workout. So, we must perform fitness exercises daily. Exercise is associated with many physical and physiological benefits that help an individual to feel good and function effectively. Exercise provides an enjoyable way to spend leisure time. People of all ages who are generally inactive can improve their health and well-being by becoming active at a moderate intensity regularly.

Regular Exercise substantially reduces the risk of developing heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, some cancers, diabetes, and may help to ease stress, anxiety, and depression. At any age, being physically fit is an asset to your overall health. The human body is like a complex and delicate machine, which comprises several small parts. A slight malfunctioning of one part leads to the breakdown of the machine.

Similarly, if such a situation arises in the human body, it also leads to the malfunctioning of the body. Exercises can play a significant role in keeping the society, community and nation wealthy. If the citizens of a country are healthy, the country is sure to touch heights in every facet of life, and the country’s healthy generation can change the highest mark in various fields and thereby enable their country to win laurels and glory at the international level. So, if we get proper education regarding health, every one of us can contribute towards the upliftment of the country.  Every one performs Exercise to sustain life.

However, the amount varies from person to person based on their lifestyles and other factors. ‘Exercise’ is one of the healthy lifestyles which contributes to optimum health and Quality of life. People who exercise regularly can reduce their risk of death and active people increase their expectancy by two years compared to inactive people. Good health adds to the quality of life. Regular Exercise and good physical fitness enhance the quality of life in many ways.

Physical fitness and exercise can help us to look good, feel good, and enjoy life. Exercise provides an enjoyable way to spend leisure time. We all know that exercise is important in our daily lives, but We may not know why or what exercise can do we people. It’s Important to remember that we have evolved from nomadic ancestors who spent all their time moving around in search of food and shelter, travelling large distances daily. Our bodies are designed and have evolved to be regularly active.

In the same way that a sports car is designed to go fast, we are designed to move. If the sports car is taken out once a week for a 3-mile round trip through a town center then it Would probably develop engine problems fairly quickly. Over Time people to develop problems if they sit down all day at a desk or in front of the TV and minimize the amount of Exercise they do. Exercise is a bodily movement performed to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health. Exercise is any Bodily movement that leads to the physical exertion of sufficient Intensity, duration and frequency to achieve or maintain fitness, or other health or athletic objectives.

Types of exercise:

There are three broad intensities of exercise:

 Light exercise- the exerciser can talk while Exercising. Going for a walk is an example of light Exercise.

 Moderate exercise- the exerciser feels slightly out of breath during the session. Examples could be walking Briskly, cycling moderately or walking up a hill.

 Vigorous exercise-the exerciser is panting during the Activity. The exerciser feels his/her body is being pushed Much nearer its limit, compared to the other two Intensities. This could include running, cycling fast, and Heavyweight training.

Physical fitness and exercise are essential for good physical and mental health, including weight control. Exercising helps a person develop and keep a strong self-image and a sense of Emotional balance. As people get older, exercise becomes more important. This is because, after the age of 30, the heart’s blood pumping capacity declines at a rate of about 8 per cent Each decade. Exercise is also very important for children as well. Vigorous physical activity helps in a child’s overall Development so he or she reaches optimal size and necessary Capacities when he or she reaches adulthood.

Your body needs A certain number of calories every day just to function. If you eat more calories than your body needs, it may be stored as Excess fat. For instance, if you have an excess of 10kg fat, and Each gram has some 9 calories, then you have 90000 calories for your body to use! Exercising helps you achieve or maintain A healthy weight by stoking our metabolism, utilizing and Burning the extra calories.

And if you exercise, your body Works harder and needs more fuel. Even after you stop exercising, your body continues to burn calories at a modestly Increased rate for a few hours. The more intensely you work out, the more calories you burn. By burning more calories Than you take in, you can reduce body fat, giving you a Healthier body composition. Losing body fat can make you Look and feel better and can reduce your risk of obesity.

Regular aerobic exercise increases our fitness level and Capacity foe exercise. It also plays a role in both primary and secondary prevention of cardiovascular diseases. Exercise is a major risk factor for health diseases and stroke and is linked to cardiovascular mortality. Exercise can help blood lipid abnormalities, diabetes and Obesity. Aerobic physical activity can also help to reduce Blood pressure.

Regular Exercise substantially reduces the risk of dying of coronary heart disease, the nation’s leading cause Of death, and deer eases the risk for stroke, colon cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure. Moreover, Exercise need Not be strenuous to be beneficial; people of all ages benefit from participating in regular, moderate-intensity physical activity, such as 30 minutes of brisk walking five or more times a week.

Regular Exercise is one of the most important things you can do for your health. The health benefits of doing regular Exercise Have been shown in many studies. You are likely to get the Most benefits to your health if you are someone who is not very active at all and you become more active. However, there Are still benefits to be gained for anyone who increases their Physical activity levels, even if they are already doing 30 Minutes of moderate-intensity activity on most days. Overall, People who do the recommended levels of Exercise can reduce

Their risk of premature death by 20-30%.

Other health benefits:

  1. Coronary Heart Disease
  2. Stroke
  3. Cholesterol and weight control
  4. Hypertension
  5. Type 2 diabetes
  6. Strengthen bones and muscles
  7. Improve mental health and mood
  8. Increase the chance of living longer

It is concluded that regular exercise is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Doing regular exercise can make you feel good about yourself and it can have several benefits for Your health. Ideally, you should aim for at least 30 minutes of Moderate intensity exercise at least five days of the week. You Should also aim to do a minimum of two sessions of muscle-Strengthening activities per week, although these should not be on consecutive days.

Exercise is any activity that you may do That helps to improve or maintain your physical fitness as well As your health in general. People of all ages, both male and female can benefit from regular exercise. Exercise improves Quality of life, it also includes information that will make Workouts easier, safer and more satisfying. It is never too late to start to gain the benefits, no matter how old or unfit you are.

“It is never too late to be what you might have been”

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