Volunteers Grooming Program

No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.

MVGP Web Portal

MVGP Webstore provides a wide range of multi category websites that are resourceful additions to academics, co-curriculars, interests and hobbies. Our Technical Inquiry Team had all the sites reviewed, verified and sorted to ensure clickbait and scam free content quality.

MVGP E-Books Portal

MVGP E-Book Portal aims to provide a one click digital academic outreach for Engineering University students. Why waste time hunting down book pdfs and solution manuals in the vast sea full of scams and clickbaits? This Portal currently provides a wide range of academic coursebooks for 6 particular departments; covering all the courses you’ll encounter in your 8 semester journey.

Muaawin Team

Pakistan National Assembly Visit

Muaawin-e-Ilm Islamabad chapter visited the National assembly of Pakistan. This was the part of the Volunteers Grooming Program. This was a big achievement as government officials persons acknowledged Muaawin’s message. As we have promised, opportunities will be given to our volunteers.

Grooming Session

Instructor: Senator Mian Ateeq

Conducted on 1st July 2020 at 9 PM, this session was about the story of Senator Mian Ateeq, about how he became what he is today. Students also talked about technology with the senator and there was also a Q&A session.

Understanding Emotions

Instructor: Dr Muhammad Ali

Conducted on 5th July 2020, a touching session by Dr Muhammad Ali. Students were deeply engaged by the talk and there was also a Q&A session.


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